5bbl fermentation tanks supplier of several common welding methods

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5bbl fermentation tanks supplier has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and long service life, so it is widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries. The reason why the stainless steel storage tank is welcomed by the public, and the characteristics of dealing with its own is that the production process is relatively high, so that customers can rest assured. Today, Xinchangyuan Xiaobian will lead you to understand the common welding methods used by 5bbl fermentation tanks suppliers in the production process.

1, 5bbl fermentation tanks supplier common welding method, manual arc welding, is currently the most widely used stainless steel storage tank welding method.

2. Semi-automatic welding of 5bbl fermentation tanks supplier mainly refers to semi-automatic C02 gas protection welding, which is mostly used for welding of bottom plate fillet weld and top plate fillet weld of stainless steel storage tank.

3, 5bbl fermentation tanks supplier circular seam submerged arc automatic welding, is to hang the welding operator on the upper edge of the newly welded tank wall, walk along the tank wall, drive the submerged arc welding machine to complete the circular seam welding.

4, double wire submerged arc automatic welding, suitable for bottom plate, roof corner welding.

5, 5bbl fermentation tanks supplier vertical seam gas welding is a melting electrode gas arc vertical butt welding method. Flux-cored wire is used as the melting electrode, and the welding gun is driven by the automatically controlled rising system for continuous welding. Under the forced forming action of the water-cooled slide, Using C02 gas protection to realize single-side welding and double-side forming.

6, magnetic fillet weld submerged arc welding, mainly used for tank wall plate and bottom plate inner and outer ring Angle seam welding.

5bbl fermentation tanks supplier https://www.haishunmachinery.com/TOTALSATINFINISHING/5BBLFermentationTanks.html