From Percy Jackson to Wonder Woman: The Enduring Influence of Greek Mythology on Modern Culture

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Greek mythology has had a lasting impact on modern culture, with references to its stories and characters appearing in literature, film, television, and more. This article explores the enduring influence of Greek mythology on modern culture.

Greek mythology continues to influence modern culture in a variety of ways. From the Percy Jackson book series to the Wonder Woman films, the stories and characters of Greek mythology have found a new audience in modern media.

Many modern works of literature and film draw on the themes and archetypes of Greek mythology, from the hero's journey to the struggle between good and evil. The influence of Greek mythology can also be seen in popular culture, from the names of sports teams (such as the Titans and the Spartans) to the logos of multinational corporations (such as Nike, named after the goddess of victory).

The enduring influence of Greek mythology on modern culture is a testament to the power of these ancient stories to connect with people across time and place and to continue to inspire us to this day.

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