Thomas Muller SBC: Complete Guide - FC 24 Showdown

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Unlock the 93-rated Thomas Muller Showdown card in FC 24 SBC, boasting top-tier attributes and unique features. Discover the cost-effective methods to complete the SBC, allowing you to recruit this seasoned athlete for your Ultimate Team roster. Delve into Muller's official rating an


Electronic Arts has unveiled the FC 24 Showdown Squad Building Challenge (SBC) featuring Thomas Muller in anticipation of the Euro 2024 inaugural game that pits the host nation, Germany, against Scotland.

Let's delve into Muller's official rating and statistics, and explore the most cost-effective methods to finish his SBC, enabling you to recruit this seasoned athlete for your Ultimate Team roster.

With Euro 2024 just around the corner, FC 24 Ultimate Team content is taking center stage, and EA has introduced a pair of fresh Showdown SBCs as the competition is about to kick off.

Thomas Muller SBC Overview

Thomas Muller of Germany can now be unlocked by completing a set of two Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). He is featured alongside Scotland's Ryan Christie as one of the recent Showdown items.

Muller boasts an impressive 93-rated Showdown card, adorned with top-tier attributes such as 92 Pace, 95 Shooting, 94 Passing, 93 Dribbling, and 84 Physical. Should Germany triumph over Scotland, Muller's card will receive a +2 OVR boost due to the Showdown item's unique feature.

Additionally, the Bayern Munich forward comes equipped with a Five-Star Weak Foot and three distinct PlayStyles+: Power Shot, First Touch, and Trivela.

SBC Requirements and Rewards - First Challenge

To successfully complete the FC 24 Showdown Thomas Muller SBC, players must meet specific criteria in their Starting 11. Here are the details:

  • Ensure that at least one player from Germany is included in your starting lineup.
  • The team's overall rating must be at least 87.

Upon assembling a squad that meets these requirements, participants will receive a Mixed Players Pack as a reward for their efforts.

SBC Requirements and Rewards - Second Challenge

To successfully complete the FC 24 Showdown Thomas Muller Squad Building Challenge (SBC), players must assemble a squad that adheres to the following criteria:

  • The squad must include at least one player from the Bundesliga.
  • The overall team rating must be a minimum of 88.

Upon meeting these requirements and submitting the squad, participants will receive a Jumbo Premium Gold Pack as a reward for their efforts.

Cost Analysis and Completion Tips

Upon completion of the necessary team submissions, you'll have the opportunity to enhance your Ultimate Team with Showdown Thomas Muller and a pair of packs, with an estimated cost of approximately 159K coins.

Despite the steep price for assembling just two teams, Germany's favorable odds in the upcoming match make Muller a more secure choice for those deciding between the two players.

Are you planning to support Muller, or are you leaning towards Ryan Christie? Share your thoughts and preferences in the comments section!

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