Bundesliga TOTS Simakan SBC Guide: Costs & Top Solutions

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The article discusses the recent introduction of the Bundesliga and Frauen-Bundesliga Team of the Season (TOTS) update in FC 24's Ultimate Team, focusing specifically on the Mohamed Simakan SBC. It outlines the requirements, rewards, and attributes of the TOTS card. Players are provi




The recent Team of the Season (TOTS) update in FC 24's Ultimate Team has brought in fresh squads from the Bundesliga and Frauen-Bundesliga, shifting the focus away from the Premier League and WSL. In this update, we delve into the specifics of the TOTS Mohamed Simakan Squad Building Challenge (SBC).



Overview of Mohamed Simakan TOTS SBC


EA Sports has rolled out an exciting Squad Building Challenge (SBC) for FIFA 24 Ultimate Team enthusiasts, coinciding with the release of the Bundesliga Team of the Season (TOTS). This challenge offers players the opportunity to add the dynamic Bundesliga TOTS Mohamed Simakan to their roster by assembling two specific squads.


To help you secure Mohamed Simakan for your Ultimate Team lineup, we've outlined some of the most efficient solutions to complete this SBC without breaking the bank.



With the ongoing celebrations of the Bundesliga TOTS, EA has unveiled a special SBC for the FIFA community, providing yet another stellar card for gamers to chase.



Mohamed Simakan TOTS Card Attributes


Unlock the remarkable Mohamed Simakan TOTS card in FIFA Ultimate Team by completing a duo of squad-building challenges (SBCs). This highly coveted card features a stellar 90 overall rating and is enhanced with a suite of top-tier attributes. With 87 pace, 91 defense, and 91 physicality, Simakan is a defensive powerhouse. His 99 jumping ability is unparalleled, and with 92 interceptions and 96 standing tackle, he's a formidable opponent on the pitch. Additionally, the French center-back is equipped with three specialized PlayStyles+: Pinged Pass, Intercept, and Slide Tackle, further augmenting his in-game effectiveness.


Completing the Bundesliga TOTS Mohamed Simakan SBC


Embarking on the journey to add Bundesliga TOTS Mohamed Simakan to your squad requires a step-by-step breakdown of the SBC completion process. Let's dive into the intricate details of how to successfully integrate this player into your lineup!


First Squad Requirements and Reward


To successfully complete the Squad Building Challenge (SBC) for the FIFA 23 Team of the Season (TOTS) version of Mohamed Simakan, players must adhere to the following criteria:


  • The squad must include at least one player from the Bundesliga.
  • The overall team rating should be at least 85.


Remember to strategically select players that meet these requirements while also considering chemistry and position to create a balanced team.





In exchange for completing the challenge, participants will receive a Premium Electrum Players Pack as a reward.



Second Squad Requirements and Reward


Unlocking the FC 24 TOTS Mohamed Simakan SBC involves crafting a squad with specific criteria. Here's a breakdown of what's needed:


  • Ensure the inclusion of at least one player hailing from France.
  • Assemble a team with a minimum overall rating of 86.


By meeting these requirements, players can complete the SBC and add Simakan to their FIFA Ultimate Team.





Incentive for Completion:



  • Receive a Prime Electrum Players Pack upon successful completion.


Total Cost and Final Thoughts

If you manage to turn in all required teams for this Squad Building Challenge, you could add Bundesliga Team of the Season Mohamed Simakan to your FIFA Ultimate Team at an estimated cost of around 67,000 coins.


Considering tackling this SBC? We'd love to hear your opinions, so feel free to drop a comment below!



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