Honkai: Star Rail 2.1 Update - Acheron vs Aventurine Guide

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The article "Honkai: Star Rail - Should You Pull for Acheron or Aventurine?" discusses the introduction of new characters in the 2.1 update of the game. It evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the 5-star characters Acheron and Aventurine, focusing on their unique abilities


New Characters in Honkai: 2.1 Update

As the 1-year anniversary of Honkai: Star Rail approaches, the game continues to evolve with new characters, worlds, and gameplay mechanics. These updates present players with the opportunity to assess which characters to invest in to enhance their team synergy and strategies.

In the recent version 2.1 update, two new 5-star characters, Acheron and Aventurine, were introduced, along with the 4-star character Gallagher. Each character brings unique abilities and roles, offering players a diverse range of options to consider based on their preferences and team compositions. Rerun banners featuring characters with similar roles, such as Acheron with Jingliu for DPS roles or Aventurine and Luocha for sustain roles, may also influence players' choices.

When making decisions about character investments, players should consider various aspects such as a character's role within the team, the ease of building them, their synergy with existing characters, effectiveness in current content, and potential for future updates or new content. Additionally, evaluating resource availability and long-term investment goals can help players prioritize characters that align with their gaming preferences and strategic objectives. These considerations are crucial for making informed decisions about which characters to pull for in Honkai: Star Rail.


Acheron and Aventurine bring unique abilities to the Honkai: Star Rail roster. Acheron, as a lightning-element nihility character, sets herself apart from recent additions by focusing on being a main-DPS character. She emphasizes applying debuffs to enemies and unleashing her unique ultimate, which requires no energy but relies on stacking debuffs. On the other hand, Aventurine takes on the role of an imaginary preservation character, specializing in shielding allies and offering versatility for flexible team compositions.

For players seeking specific roles within their teams, the choice between Acheron and Aventurine is relatively straightforward. Acheron focuses on DPS, while Aventurine excels in shielding and team versatility. However, for those with a variety of options, additional considerations such as alignment with team compositions and preferred playstyles come into play. Ultimately, the decision on which character to pull for will depend on each player's preferred playstyle and team composition, although both characters are worth considering on their own merits.Acheron, a Nihility character, differs from characters like Black Swan, focusing on applying debuffs rather than damage over time. Her damage output relies on team-applied debuffs or her skill to enable her ultimate, rather than energy regeneration. Unlike other Nihility characters that support the main DPS, Acheron assumes the main DPS role herself based on consistent debuff application. However, her team compositions often rely on two other Nihility characters, making her less F2P-friendly due to stricter team requirements. Nonetheless, for players invested in Nihility characters, she offers significant DPS potential and a unique playstyle.

Aventurine, the second limited banner preservation character, operates differently from Fu Xuan but shares similarities with options like Gepard. Aventurine scales with DEF and can shield all allies with his skill. His shields can stack, providing increased sustain with each skill activation. Additionally, his ultimate applies a debuff to the enemy, making him a synergistic support for Acheron. Aventurine can also execute follow-up attacks, contributing to DPS output, though not the primary focus of his kit.

Ultimately, the choice between Acheron and Aventurine depends on whether players want a unique support sustain character or a debuff-focused DPS character, considering the current character roster and ease of building these characters.

Character Optimization Challenges

Acheron, as a DPS character, presents a significant challenge for optimization compared to Aventurine and other characters in the roster. Her reliance on the best-in-slot light cone, "Along the Passing Shore," makes her a resource-heavy character for players aiming to maximize her DPS potential. Additionally, her team composition is more restricted unless E2 is unlocked, further complicating her optimization.

Players may find themselves needing to grind for a considerable amount of time to obtain the necessary relics for Acheron. She is best suited with newer introduced relics such as the 4-piece "Pioneer Diver of Dead Waters" set or the Planar set, "Izumo Gensei, and Takama Divine Realm" from the latest Simulated Universe World 9. Acheron benefits the most from being teamed with other Nihility units, which may require players to pre-farm for the resources needed to build her. However, she has the ability to kill enemies without entering battle in the overworld or in the simulated universe, which can expedite the farming process to some extent. Additionally, she requires significant min-maxing of main stats and sub-stats, such as crit rate, crit damage, attack, and speed.Aventurine is a versatile and easy-to-build unit, especially when it comes to scaling with defense. He can effectively utilize the 4-piece Knight of Purity Palace set without the need to heavily optimize multiple stats. Moreover, he offers versatility with the Planar Ornaments, providing options for sustain with Belobog of the Architects or enhancing team utility with popular choices like Broken Keel and Fleet of the Ageless. For players interested in maximizing his DPS capabilities, Aventurine can even make use of Inert Salsatto, further showcasing his adaptability in different playstyles.

His versatility extends to his Light Cone options, as he synergizes well with many other preservation units that also scale with defense. This grants him the flexibility to choose from a variety of synergistic options, making him notably more accessible for free-to-play (F2P) players compared to Acheron and several other support-based characters.


Strengths and Weaknesses of Acheron and Aventurine

When considering whether to pull for Acheron or Aventurine in Honkai: Star Rail, it is important to carefully evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Each character offers unique abilities and playstyles, catering to different team compositions and player preferences.

Acheron's strengths include being a unique main DPS-oriented nihility character. She possesses a strong ultimate that does not require energy cost, allowing her to ignore enemy weakness and reduce their toughness, as well as their elemental resistance. Her technique is well-suited for exploration as she can defeat enemies without directly entering battle or using technique points. Additionally, she can self-buff, reducing her reliance on harmony characters.

However, Acheron does have some weaknesses. She requires high investment, such as her signature light cone or eidolons, to remove certain restrictions. Her ideal team compositions are limited, as she requires two other nihility characters in the team, or one if she reaches E2. She also has a skill-point-negative aspect and is heavily reliant on the team applying debuffs to function properly, which may not appeal to all players.

On the other hand, Aventurine offers her own set of strengths and weaknesses, which should be considered before making a decision to pull for her.- Acheron and Aventurine are both valuable stackable shield sustain characters, offering a unique preservation ability not found in other characters.

  • They are f2p friendly and offer easy-to-optimize build options, making them accessible to a wide range of players.

  • Their versatility allows them to fit into various team compositions, proving to be valuable assets for different end-game content scenarios.

  • In addition to their shielding capabilities, they also provide minor buffs and possess decent DPS potential, enhancing the overall team performance.

  • Acheron and Aventurine's imaginary element ability adds an extra layer of sustain benefits, further solidifying their value in team compositions.

  • However, it's worth noting that their shielding mechanic, while effective, may not be entirely revolutionary or future-proof.

  • The absence of a healing ability could pose challenges, especially if facing enemies capable of bypassing shields.

  • Compared to some other sustain characters, they may require more skill points to optimize effectively.


Character Considerations in Team Building

Acheron and Aventurine both have their own unique strengths and weaknesses, and the decision of whether to pull for them depends on various factors such as the player's roster, available resources, and preferred playstyle. Here are some additional aspects to consider when making a decision:

Players should consider pulling for Acheron if:- They have already invested in other two nihility characters that can synergize well with her, such as Silver Wolf or Pela, or have Sparkle, and are comfortable with the limitations.- They are willing to put in more time and resource investment into her Light Cone, or building characters that complement her.- They are in need of a lightning DPS character.- They are looking for a unique ultimate-oriented gameplay experience.

On the other hand, players should consider pulling for Aventurine if:- They are in need of a sustain character and have not invested in other healer or shielding characters such as Luocha, Fu Xuan, or Gepard.- They are looking for a low-investment defensive support unit that can synergize well with characters like Dr. Ratio or even Acheron.- They can accommodate the skill-point usage with the rest of the team being on the skill point neutral/positive side.

Ultimately, players should carefully assess their own circumstances and priorities before making a decision between the two characters, considering the specific needs of their team and playstyle.

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