Does the 4g vehicle gps tracker use car power or come with its own power supply?

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4g vehicle gps tracker

There are two kinds of 4g vehicle gps tracker on the market, one is with battery, and the other is wired. The connected 4g vehicle gps tracker needs to use the power supply of the car, as long as the car starts, the 4g vehicle gps tracker will work, and can achieve 24-hour real-time positioning. There is also a kind of own battery, due to high power consumption, there are now long standby locator on the market. However, this product is due to its own power supply, and can not locate their own car in real time. A wired 4g vehicle gps tracker is recommended.

4g vehicle gps tracker installation Note:

1. In order to avoid damage by thieves, the location of the equipment should be hidden as far as possible;

2. Avoid putting together with the transmitting source, such as wireless reversing radar, anti-theft device, and other vehicle communication equipment;

3. You can use a cable tie to fix it, or use a wide sponge strong double-sided adhesive to stick it;

4. There are GSM antenna and GPS antenna in the device, and the installation should ensure that the front side is up (toward the sky).

4g vehicle gps tracker