Range of API Applications in Software Development Services

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Range of API Applications in Software Development Services

One of the most important pillars in software development is API; APIs allow and aid in integrating different software as well as systems. We use API in our everyday lives. In this blog we’ll see where we use API and the API applications in software development services.

What is API?

Application Programming Interface or API is a programming interface that allows two or more computer programmes to interact with one another. It is a type of software interface that allows one programme to give a service to another. Interface can be thought of as a service agreement between two software. This contract details how the two will interact with one another through requests and responses.

Where API is Used?

If you look around, you will see APIs everywhere around you. APIs usually pertain to 3 domains - private, partner, public. Private APIs are used internally by businesses. They link the company's numerous business systems. A software development agency usually provides partner APIs with clients. The most extensively used API is the public API, which is open to everyone. Most of the time, we are unaware that they play an important part in supporting digital communication. APIs, for example, assisted in retrieving and loading the webpage you are currently seeing. The browser you use, sends an API call to the server when you arrive at the page. The web server responds by returning page data through the API, which the internet browser converts into a usable manner.

Different API Applications Used in Software Development

API integration: APIs are used to connect apps to third-party services such as social networking platforms, gateways for payments, and automated marketing tools.

Building mobile apps: APIs are used to create mobile applications that connect to remote internet services such as weather information, maps, and social networking sites.

E-commerce Transactions: APIs are used to facilitate transactions in e-commerce, allowing consumers to purchase items and services online.

Business Automation: APIs are being used to automate commercial activities such as billing, managing inventories, and CRM.

Data Analytics: APIs are used to facilitate data analytics, which allows organisations to derive insights from huge and complicated data sets.

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