Unlock Callum Hudson-Odoi SBC: FIFA 24 Cost-Efficient Guide

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EA has introduced a new Squad Building Challenge (SBC) for Player Moments Callum Hudson-Odoi in FC 24 Ultimate Team. This SBC offers an 88-rated card with impressive attributes and requires building a squad with specific criteria including incorporating at least one Team of the Week (TOTW)




Lately, EA has been spicing up the FC 24 Ultimate Team with a series of Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), reintroducing cards from past promotions.



The most recent addition to these challenges is the Player Moments Callum Hudson-Odoi SBC, featuring the Nottingham Forest winger. This card marks the second Player Moments addition to Ultimate Team, right after Metz Lamine Camara's entry.



We've put together the most cost-effective solutions to help you secure the Player Moments Callum Hudson-Odoi for your squad. Let's dive into the details!



EA has introduced a fresh SBC to the FC 24 Ultimate Team universe, spotlighting Callum Hudson-Odoi with an exclusive Player Moments card. This card comes with impressive attributes that make it a valuable asset, particularly as a substitute to shake things up on the pitch.



Player Moments Callum Hudson-Odoi SBC Overview




The talented English flanker Callum Hudson-Odoi is now available as an 88-rated Player Moments card, boasting impressive attributes such as 92 speed, 90 in marksmanship, 88 in playmaking, and 88 in agility.



To integrate this Player Moments version of Callum Hudson-Odoi into your Ultimate Team without breaking the bank, we've identified the most cost-effective methods for you to consider!



SBC Requirements and Rewards


Unlocking the Player Moments Callum Hudson-Odoi SBC in FIFA Ultimate Team requires players to craft a squad with specific criteria. Here's how to meet the challenge:


  • Include at least one player from the Team of the Week (TOTW) in your lineup.
  • Ensure the overall team rating reaches a minimum of 83.


By assembling a squad that adheres to these requirements, players can complete the SBC and add Callum Hudson-Odoi's special card to their FUT roster.





Unlock the Player Moments Callum Hudson-Odoi special card by completing the Squad Building Challenge (SBC) in FIFA 24. Here's what you need to know:



  • Prize for Completion: Secure a Premium Electrum Players Pack as your reward.

  • Criteria for Eligibility:

  • Include at least one player from England in your squad.
  • Ensure the inclusion of a minimum of one Team of the Week (TOTW) player.
  • Assemble a team with a minimum overall rating of 86.

  • Team Assembly:

  • Build a squad that meets the above requirements to complete the SBC and claim your prize.




For those looking to secure the Player Moments Callum Hudson-Odoi special card through the Squad Building Challenge (SBC), here's a breakdown of the necessary components to complete the task:



Incentive: - Receive a Jumbo Premium Gold Pack upon completion.



Criteria: - At least one player from the Premier League must be included. - Include a minimum of one Team of the Week (TOTW) player in your squad. - The overall team rating should be no less than 87.



Team Composition: - Ensure your submitted squad meets the above requirements to successfully complete the SBC.






Unlocking the Player Moments Callum Hudson-Odoi SBC in FIFA 24 grants you a Premium Gold Players Pack as a reward.



Completion Cost and Final Thoughts


By finishing this Squad Building Challenge, Player Moments Callum Hudson-Odoi can join your Ultimate Team roster at an approximate expense of 204K coins .


Are you planning to tackle this Player Moments SBC? Share your thoughts in the comments section!



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